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Dry Bag dehumidifier, natural product


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Product number: 530065
Weight: 1 kg

The Dry Bag dehumidifier provides dry rooms and effectively prevents mold, rot, moisture and unpleasant odors. It is perfect to protect your boat, caravan or even your living rooms and garden or vacation home from moisture. Dry Bag is a pure natural product that absorbs up to 75% of its own weight. It is 100% environmentally friendly. Weight: 1 kg bag. One bag is suitable for rooms of 6-10 m³ size.


The Dry Bag is equipped with a convenient hanger. Place it in the room you want to protect from moisture. When saturated, the contents turn from light to dark brown. You can see the condition of the contents through a viewing slit. If the contents turn dark brown, the maximum moisture has been absorbed. You can now place the contents of the Dry Bag on a baking tray and dry it in the oven at 130° C until the contents are light brown again. Alternatively, you can heat the contents using the microwave. Once the contents have cooled, you can return them to the bag and reuse them. A drip tray is not required, as the Dry Bag does not drip.

Color: yellow
properties: 100% recyclable, Natural product, for rooms from 6-10 m³, prevents mold, moisture, rot and unpleasant odors