Dometic on-board toilet MasterFlush 7100 ( MF 7120 Fresh water flushing 12V )


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Product number: 221731
Weight: 21.68 kg

Saves space with 360° Orbit technology - the rotating base can be connected at any angle to the pool! Flushing: Fresh water from existing pressurized water system or lake water with flushing pump. High efficiency chopper system. Installation is fully enclosed at the rear and not visible from above. Flush switch panel included.Available in 4 different finishes. Please note that this is a shipping item and this will incur additional shipping costs!


Other features

NOTE: Please note that this is a shipping item and additional shipping charges will apply!


A=375 mm, B=381 mm, C=483 mm, Seat height D=349 mm, E=349 mm, F=254 mm, Open toilet lid G=730 mm

Weight1 kg
Faecal drain25-38 mm
Fresh water inlet13 mm
Seawater inlet19 mm
basic material: sanitary ceramics
toilet type: MF 7120 Fresh water flushing 12V

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