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Delius Klasing Heavy Weather Sailing


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What are the best tactics for surviving a hurricane-like storm from the sea? How do you keep your boat maneuverable in heavy weather? How should a yacht be designed and equipped to prevent capsizing in heavy winds?

The book \"Heavy Weather Sailing\" has long been a standard work that provides answers to these important questions. Author Peter Bruce gained extensive experience sailing in heavy weather situations during his service with the Royal Navy. He recorded numerous regatta victories, including the Admiral's Cup and the infamous Fastnet Race in 1979, and has himself since gained a reputation as one of the world's best storm racing skippers. He explains the theory and practice of heavy weather sailing in detail in his book. No one who sets out on a cruise can know exactly what weather situations may suddenly arise. This classic book is devoted exclusively to this subject and offers with the author Peter Bruce a wealth of experience from which every sailor will benefit. 400 pages with 41 graphics and 24 maps. Format: 1 x 2 cm. Hardcover with dust jacket. Published by Delius Klasing.

ISBN: 978-3-667-11329-0
Number of pages: 400